Almonds, dates and seeds laddoos

Delicious-tasting laddoos, made using simple, delicious ingredients from nature. Perfect for snacking on the go, mid-morning pick-me-ups, or as a quick pre-breakfast bite that anyone can savor.


All our ingredients are cleaned, dried and then roasted in small batches at just the right temperature. This keeps the taste and nutrition intact.

Naturally Sweet

Dates naturally provide all the sweetness needed in our Laddoos. We believe the less we mess with it, the better it tastes. That's why we never add any artificial flavours or colours, or any preservatives.

Snack time

Each bite is filled with delicious and nutritious ingredients fused together. Enjoy as a convenient pre-breakfast or an on-the-go snack, any time of the day! Made for kids or adults.

We have nothing to hide

We believe it is important to know what eat. There's no secret about what goes into our laddoos. We even pack them in clear film, so you can see exactly what you are getting.


The more you share, the more there is to enjoy! Whether it's for special occasions or just to say thank you, gift your loved ones or team members Savouram's delicious and nutritious laddoos.

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